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Whatever your housing or property needs are, the team at Oak Grove Realty LLC is eager to help! With years of experience in property management, we make renting easy. If you are looking for student or residential housing in or near Indiana, PA, we can help place you into a home that best fits you. If you are looking for a commercial property to lease in or near Indiana, PA, we can help with that as well. No one’s property needs are off-limits – we help everyone!

“The ladies that run Oak Grove are super nice and funny! They are all really helpful and answer any questions that we have in a timely manner. They are great about working out modified rent plans and late payments. We’re signing another lease through Oak Grove next year! They also give us baked goods and candy every time we visit the office :)”

-Danielle M.

“Overall had a good experience renting from Oak Grove. The online portal made it easy to send in maintenance requests, which were usually fixed fairly quickly. Oak Grove communicated well through text and email. Very convenient place to live on a budget, and it was within walking distance of campus.”

-Sarah B.

The Application Process

Residential Rental

To complete the rental application, be prepared to provide three years of history, including contact information for your employer(s) and previous landlord(s). You can verify employment/income by uploading recent pay stubs, employment contracts, or other official documentation.

Each resident over the age of 18 must submit a separate rental application.

Application fee: $35.00 per adult applicant.

Payment Options:
Online during the application process, from your bank account or credit/debit card
Deliver a check or money order to our office at 39 S 6th St.

Cash and credit card payments are not accepted at our office.

If your history is insufficient or your financial strength does not meet our standard approval criteria, a qualified co-signer can support your application. A co-signer will also need to submit an application for review and approval.

Student Housing
1.  Each member of your group must complete the online application on the property’s advertisement.

2.  Direct your parents or legal guardian to our website. They must print and complete the Parental Guarantee and return it with a photocopy or scan of their driver’s license or other valid ID. If they prefer an online form, they can apply as Co-Signers, and we will send them the Guarantee form to sign digitally

Your group will be approved only when all Tenant applications and Parent guarantees are completed.

If a competing group has submitted all of their documentation before your group for the apartment you’ve applied for, your applications can be transferred to another apartment.

3.  After all applications and guarantees are received, you will be contacted by email regarding your approval for lease signing. Only the tenants will meet with us to sign the lease.

Please bring your valid driver’s license or state-issued photo ID to the lease signing. International students need to bring their passports.

You may pay your security deposit at lease signing or within 10 days.

4.  Review the lease agreement in advance. It is provided so you and your guarantors may ask any questions you have before signing.

5.  Look over the Rent Payment Plan Commitment that lists the standard payment plans and due dates. You and your guarantors need to select the payment plan that works best for you. If you need a modified payment plan, please contact us.

We accept checks or money orders in our office; no cash or credit/debit cards. Or, after signing, you and your guarantors will be able to set up your tenant portals to be able to pay online with e-checks at no charge or debit/credit cards (additional fees apply).

Deposits are $300.00 for multi-tenant apartments or $400.00 for 1-person apartments.

Please be advised that if you make payments online with a credit card, the credit card company will charge “convenience fees.” However, you can pay online with the e-check option with NO added fees.

We will also review and collect:

  • Parking permit application, if applicable. If you are unsure if you are bringing a car, this can be completed at a later date. However, keep in mind that spaces are limited and are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Furnishings request form: Tenants will indicate whether they are bringing their own bed or accepting the bed that is provided.

View a Sample Lease & FAQs

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Do You Have a Property to Rent?

Are you a residential or commercial property owner in Indiana County, PA? Let us manage the property for you! We have a strong background in property management and an automated process for accepting rent and submitting maintenance requests. Don’t worry about tracking down tenants for rent or late-night phone calls about the heat going out. We take care of it all! If you are interested in partnering with a property management team, contact us at Oak Grove Realty today!

Leasing & Management Services
  • We advertise your available properties and handle all inquiries and showings.
  • Applications are thoroughly screened, including credit and criminal background checks, verification of employment and other forms of income, and previous rental history.
  • After the lease is completed and the security deposit collected, all documents are delivered to the owner. The leasing fee is then paid to us by the owner.
  • A complete condition inspection is performed before a new tenant moves in. This includes a detailed written report accompanied by hundreds of supporting photographs so that at move-out, all charges due from tenants can be verified.
  • We handle all tenant calls, questions, and maintenance requests.
Financial Management
  • Our strong rent collection policy enforces prompt rent payments from tenants, timely notice of late payments and late fees, as well as professional handling of eviction procedures if needed.
  • Security deposits are handled according to law and lease terms. Any cleaning and damage charges due from tenants are deducted from the deposit, and refunds are disbursed with the required documentation.
  • All collected rent and deposits are maintained in each client’s account, subject to periodic auditing.

We offer an “owner portal,” so you may view monthly and year-end financial reports and more.


Maintenance Management
  • Agents are available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, to respond to all maintenance requests and ensure that all required maintenance is done in a timely manner.
  • For larger repair jobs, we obtain bids and confer with owners prior to any excessive expenses regarding their property.
  • Maintenance is available for 24-hour emergency service.
  • We inspect and advise owners toward short and long-term property maintenance and improvement goals.
  • Our maintenance network consists of a broad collection of independent contractors, specialists, general handymen, and larger general contractors. Cleaning, painting, mowing, and landscape work are handled by trusted and experienced independently owned and operated companies.

Who Are the People Behind Oak Grove Realty?

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